BlackBerry announce the launch of the BlackBerry Spark® Suites.  The Suites have been designed to leverage true artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation to provide improved cyber threat prevention and remediation, all while offering visibility to help manage all endpoints with the highest level of security.

BlackBerry Spark

BB Spark


The BlackBerry Spark Suites are:


  • BlackBerry Spark® Suite: A one-stop-shop and the gold standard for Unified Endpoint Security (UES) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) supporting all device types and ownership models.
  • BlackBerry Spark® UES Suite: A full set of endpoint security capabilities, including AI-driven user & entity behavior analytics, next-generation Mobile Threat Defense, Endpoint Protection, as well as Endpoint Detection and Response. Data Loss Prevention and Secure Internet Gateway will be added to this suite in the future.
  • BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite: A full set of endpoint management capabilities that builds on the BlackBerry Spark UEM Express Suite (below) by adding Digital Rights Management, Identity and Access Management, SDK/custom apps, multi-channel notifications and regulated controls.
  • BlackBerry Spark® UEM Express Suite: A highly secure way to manage and secure devices and applications, including secure interoperability with Microsoft®Office 365® mobile apps.


For further information  on the solution, please contact your Partner Manager or contact us to know more.

Visit the website: Blackberry Spark